49 steps on the way to Mount Sinai

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The 49 meditations you can listen to are to support the book: 49 steps on the way to Mount Sinai.
You need the book in order to understand the meaning of the meditations and the reason why the different Biblical figures are mentioned in the meditations. You can order the book by mailing to: tzeitl@planet.nl. The costs of this book are 32, 50 euros but to send it outside the Netherlands will cost 5,50 extra. When the money is transfered to accountnummer: IBAN NL 79 RABO 0135 4503-06 account of G. Locher, Oosterlaan 22, 9161AC Hollum, The Netherlands, the book will be send to you.

This book is about the period between Pesach and Shavuot, called the Omer. It is the time that Jews are instructed to count the Omer for 49 days. This instruction is given in the Torah: from the second day of Pesach, when the night has fallen you must count the Omer for seven consecutive weeks(Wayikra/Leviticus 23:15-16) During this period Jews are, according to the Torah, expected to prepare themselves to recieve the 10 Words, popularly known as the 10 Commandments. The preparation consists of an inner deepening and cleansing. The 49 meditations in this book are meant to support this process of deepening and cleansing. The meditations are based on the authoresss knowledge of Tanach and Kabbalah. The authoress hopes that the meditations will be a source of inspiration to all who do them.

The meditations

Chesed: The first week of the Omer (page 43)
meditation 01
meditation 02
meditation 03
meditation 04
meditation 05
meditation 06
meditation 07
Gevurah: The second week of the Omer (page 72)
meditation 08
meditation 09
meditation 10
meditation 11
meditation 12
meditation 13
meditation 14
Tiferet: The third week of the Omer (page 102)
meditation 15
meditation 16
meditation 17
meditation 18
meditation 19
meditation 20
meditation 21
Netzach: The fourth week of the Omer (page 132)
meditation 22
meditation 23
meditation 24
meditation 25
meditation 26
meditation 27
meditation 28
Hod: The fith week of the Omer (page 160)
meditation 29
meditation 30
meditation 31
meditation 32
meditation 33
meditation 34
meditation 35
Yesod: The sixt week of the Omer (page 191)
meditation 36
meditation 37
meditation 38
meditation 39
meditation 40
meditation 41
meditation 42
Malchut: The seventh week of the Omer (page 218)
meditation 43
meditation 44
meditation 45
meditation 46
meditation 47
meditation 48
meditation 49


Why the name Beersheva for this Site?
Beer-sheva is mentioned in the Tanach/Bible in 20 different places: Bereshit/Genesis:

Gn: 21:14 in 21:31 in 22:19 in 26:23 in 26:33 in 28:10 and in 46:1.

In Yoshua: 15: 28 in 19: 2.

In Judges 20:1.

In 1 Samuel 8: 2.

In 2 Samuel 17:11 in 24:2 and 24:15.

In 1 Kings 5:5 and in 19: 3.

In Amos 5:5 and 8:14

In 2 Cronicles 19:4 and 30: 5

The name Beer-sheva can be translated as: "the seven Wells" or: "the Well where an oath is taken". To me, the writer, the name also refers to the seven lower Sefirot of the Tree of Life. Each Sefirah recieves influx of a different kind of Divine energy. The Be"er/Well in this case ís the Divine. A Well of Living Water, for every searching soul.

The Tree of Knowledge

The Tree of Knowledge
The Tree of Knowledge is mentioned in Bereshit/Genesis ( Gn) 2:9 en 2:17. Of the Tree of Life is also spoken in Bereshit/Genesis 2:9 and in Gn.2:17

2:8..Hashem G*d planted a garden in Eden, to the east and placed there the man whom He had formed. And Hashem G*d caused to sprout from the ground every tree that was pleasing to the sight and good for food; also the Tree of Life in the midst of the garden and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Bad..

2:15. .And Hashem G*d took the man and placed him in the Garden of Eden, to work it and to guard it. And Hashem G*d commanded the man* , saying: Of every tree of the garden you may freely eat but of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Bad, you must not eat thereof for on the day you eat of it , you shall surely die. (* the woman was not yet created)